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Hello, I am K.J.

I have been a musician since I was 12, and developed an acute interest is musical gear, especially the "vintage" instruments of my youth. I now own a small wine shop... but my main passion has always been music.

I learned to play on my Dad’s 1920’s Washburn acoustic (which I still have), and was inspired by watching my older brother rehearse with several “basement rock bands”. My first guitar was a 1967 Martin 00-21, which I used, with a Barcus Berry transducer, to play “I’m You’re Captain” (Grand Funk Railroad) and “From the Beginning” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer). From there I graduated to a ’57 Tele (my first electric). Over the years, I played in bands, including a mean rhythm guitar in a funk/soul band called “The Mellow Moods” (by then, I’d switched to Gibson 335's). Eventually, I switched to bass, and got more into Jazz. I still play in Denver clubs today. Somewhere along the way, I became obsessed with guitars and vintage gear. I’ve learned a lot about instruments over the years, but "the more you know, the less you know"!

Now, it is time to start selling my beloved collection. All of my instruments have been hand-selected. All of my instruments have been fully inspected and evaluated. I’ve learned over the years how important it is to deal with people who have integrity, people you can trust… especially in the “collectibles” area, where scams abound.

Some of my guitars are quite rare and collectible. Others are “players guitars”. Each one is unique, tells a story, and deserves a good home-- I hope someone who will care for them as much as I have.

Given my 40+ years of experience with instruments as a player and collector, I find that I can answer many questions about how to identify, authenticate, appraise instruments, and how to find the “right” instrument for a given person. I totally enjoy doing this, as well as talking to others who love musical instruments as much as I do.

My philosophy is to be fair, honest, upright and to deal with people the way I’d like them to deal with me.


• Website: Prices, instrument availability and descriptions are subject to change.
• Shipping: I usually use FedEx or UPS ground, insured.
• Payment: I accept checks, money orders, Paypal (fee negotiable).
• Condition: Condition of instruments is a subjective thing. I offer “in-hand” descriptions via phone, and try to be conservative, using Blue Book guidelines
• Prices: ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. I cannot always keep up with current market conditions.
• Returns: Satisfaction Guaranteed
• My direct contact: info@kjs-collectables.com or 303.777.1068